UKCT mentioned in Financial Times

UKCT mentioned in Financial Times

UKCT today publishes two documents released in response to an FOI request by Churchill College, Cambridge. The documents were previously shared with journalists from the Financial Times in support of their investigation of the circumstances of the disappearance of China’s former Foreign Minister, Qin Gang.

The documents released by Churchill College relate to Fu Xiaotian, one of its donors. They reveal nearly £70,000 worth of donations, plus a further undisclosed amount – the College had signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Ms Fu, a journalist, agreeing not to name the full sum. UKCT has published the MoU as shared by the College.

It is widely alleged that Fu was in a relationship with the missing minister, and there is speculation that this might have been part of the reason for his disappearance.

The Financial Times reports:

“Fu has long used social media to promote her work and other endeavours. In 2016 she pledged a six-figure sum to Cambridge’s Churchill College for the support of postgraduates and the creation of a quiet study space.

“One person familiar with the matter said the amount was about £250,000. She asked that a garden built from part of the funds be named after her and that it be “included on the college’s website”, according to records obtained from the college by Sam Dunning of the UK-China Transparency charity.”

“A Churchill College representative said: “We remain concerned for the wellbeing of our alumna, and hope that she and her child are safe and well.” “