UKCT relies on the advice of a network of academics, technical experts, and community leaders. We have a formal Advisory Board which helps us choose and evaluate our work.

Dr David Tobin teaches at the School of East Asian studies at the University of Sheffield. David specialises in the Chinese Communist Party’s policy towards Uyghurs and is a steering committee member of the Xinjiang Documentation Project.  

Professor Puma Shen is based at National Taiwan University’s School of Criminology. Puma is Chairman of Doublethink Lab, which analyses Chinese Communist Party influence around the world.

Simon Cheng is founder of Hongkongers in Britain, a group set up to help migrant Hongkongers settle into life in the UK and to represent their interests. Simon previously worked for the British consulate in Hong Kong.

Chris Hughes OBE formerly chaired a professional regulator and has advised government departments on ethics as well as resolving issues about conduct and transparency for public bodies.