CCP Interference on Campus: a public information campaign

The aim of this campaign is present evidence in order to raise awareness of the efforts of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to restrict free speech and academic freedom on university campuses in Britain and to pose more serious threats with potential life-altering consequences to members of certain groups.

The United Front in the UK

The United Front Work Department (UFWD) is one of the six important departments of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). It is responsible for ‘United Front’ work.

UK-China Transparency is publishing a series of notes profiling individuals and organisations in the UK which are connected to the United Front Work Department.

The China Scholarship Council

The China Scholarship Council (CSC) awards scholarships to more than 650 Chinese PhD students studying in the UK per year. UK universities pay their fees.

UKCT’s findings raise serious legal, ethical and commercial questions for UK universities.

Cambridge University and Huawei

Cambridge has received roughly £28 million from Huawei since 2016.

The funding has gone towards research in artificial intelligence, network technology, speech & image recognition, swarm robotics and more.

The report is the second part of an ongoing project, UK-China Transparency’s Cambridge China Files

Cambridge University and the Chinese military

Cambridge University has important ties with China’s military companies.

This report and its accompanying data look at Cambridge’s collaboration with major state-owned Chinese arms manufacturers on scientific research and executive training.

The report’s publication marks the start of an ongoing project, UK-China Transparency’s Cambridge China Files

Are Confucius Institutes legal?

30 British universities host a Confucius Institute overseen by the Chinese government.

Are Confucius Institutes legal? consists of the publication of a range of primary source data about these Confucius Institutes.

The data indicates that British universities may be operating Confucius Institutes illegally.